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E.E.W. Christman is a horror & dark fantasy author. She received her Master’s in Creative Nonfiction from Ohio University before moving to the west coast. She now lives on Lake Sammamish near Seattle, WA where she spends her time stringing nonsense words together. Find her online at her website or on Twitter.

The Gaslighting of Scream Queens by E.E.W. Christman

Barbara Perez Curiel
Bárbara Pérez Curiel is a Mexican writer, editor, and translator.
She is interested in literature, culture, politics and, mostly, their intersections.

The Irrational Woman in the Age of Reason by Bárbara Pérez Curiel

A 28-year-old writer born and raised in Puerto Rico, JL Ortiz Diaz is a self-published author who loves fiction. He has a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Puerto Rico Carolina campus and has worked in customer service for many years of his career. As a fiction writer he has published 2 novellas and a small collection of short stories in the last 5 years.
Although Latino and proud, his writing is usually in English and is very reflective of the current situation of the author.

Authors in the Latino Community You Probably Haven’t Heard Of … But Should Read by J.L. Ortiz Diaz

K.A. Doore is the author of The Perfect Assassin (queer murder fantasy!). 
She has a BA in Classics and likes to shout about queer books of all flavors. 
Find her on Twitter @KA_Doore or at her blog

Queer Debuts from January to May 2019by K.A. Doore

Queer Debuts from June to December 2019 by K.A. Doore

Chanel Hardy: “Born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, writing has been a passion of mine since I was young. I started writing my first book, ‘My Colorblind Rainbow’ in 2013. In 2017, I decided to continue writing, taking a leap of faith and following my dreams of publishing my first book which made the ‘In The Margins Award Long List’ for YA fiction 2018. I launched Hardy Publications in September of 2017, working as a freelance ghostwriter,
author, and literary blogger. I also use my platform to raise awareness for different charities and non-profit organizations,
donating a portion of my book royalties to help others in need.”

Go-Go Music: The Original Sound of Chocolate City by Chanel Hardy

Jonathan E. Hernandez (@jhernandez13) is a Science Fiction writer, organizer with the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, and a panelist for Kaleidocast (@kaleidocast_nyc). After an honorable discharge from the military, he went back to school to study creative writing and pursue a career better suited to his muse. His debut novel, ONE DAY AS A LION, will be released 2020 from Aethon Books. A Nuyorican originally from the Bronx, he now lives in Astoria, New York with his partner and a cat named Jonesy.

Why We Like the Mandalorian

Sandie Lee is a professional freelance writer. She lives in Ontario Canada with her husband of 24 years. Sandie has always loved animals, which started in “babyhood.” Today she writes about and “rescues” any animal that wanders into her yard. Humor is also a must-do in Sandie’s world, so poking fun at herself (and Hubby) comes naturally. She also loves writing nonfiction for children, so to satisfy this “writing itch,” Sandie started her online publication, Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids. 

What Am I Supposed to Wear? by Sandie Lee

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Muria Myhre

Ethical Sourcing for Shop Owners by Muria Myhre

Ray Mwareya is a freelance journalist in Ottawa, author and receiver of the UN Correspondents Association Media Prize. His works is published in Ricochet Media Canada, Friends of Canada Broadcasting, The Financial Times, The Guardian and Coda Story Magazine. He tweets at @rmwareya

The Puzzle Smothers a Montreal Refuge by Ray Mwareya

Michelle Nati was in the entertainment industry for several years before before becoming a writer and editor for oddities site She has also written
 for The Farmers’ Almanac, Complex Media, Time Out, Ranker,, and is also a ghostwriter for non-fiction publisher, Best Seller Publishing.
She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Benny and volunteers with various animal rescue groups in her spare time.

Feature on Cindy Lee Berryhill by Michelle Nati

Kelli Owen is the author of more than a dozen books, including the novels TEETH and FLOATERS, and fan-favorite apocalyptic novella WAITING OUT WINTER, and the Wilted Lily Series. Her fiction spans the genres from thrillers to psychological horror, with an occasional bloodbath, and an even rarer happy ending. She was an editor and reviewer for over a decade, and has attended countless writing conventions, participated on dozens of panels, and spoken at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA regarding both her writing and the field in general. Visit her website at for more information. F/F

The Big Red Button by Kelli Owen

Amra Pajalic is is an Australian-based award winning author of Bosnian background, an editor and teacher. Her memoir Things Nobody Knows But Me is published by Transit Lounge (2019.) Memoir extracts have been published in Meet Me at the Intersection (Fremantle Press, 2018) and Rebellious Daughters (Venture Press, 2016). Her debut novel The Good Daughter (Text Publishing, 2009) won the 2009 Melbourne Prize for Literature’s Civic Choice Award and she is co-editor of the anthology Growing up Muslim in Australia (Allen and Unwin, 2019) that was shortlisted for the 2015 Children’s Book Council of the year awards. She works as a high school teacher and is completing a PhD in Creative Writing at La Trobe University.

The Life-Changing Impact of Seeing Yourself in Fiction: Representation for Muslims by Amra Pajalic

Sarah M. Vasquez is a writer and photography based in Marfa, Texas. Her work has appeared in the Texas Observer and Big Bend Sentinel. She covers Latinx issues and pop culture for LatinxSpaces and Luz Collective.

Who are the actual aliens in Roswell, New Mexico? by Sarah M. Vasquez