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Hector Acosta is the author of the wrestling inspired novella Hardway. His work has appeared in Weird Noir, Thuglit, Shotgun Honey and Mystery Tribune. He resides in Houston with his wife, dog and Whataburger.
Alverne Ball has a M.F.A in Fiction writing from Columbia College Chicago.  He has completed studies in Columbia College’s prestigious Semester in Los Angeles program, an intensive course focused on the adaptation of material to the screen.He has taught graphic novel writing at Noble charter High School in Chicago. He has written comic and graphic novel material for such companies as Di Bona Ventura ProductionsParamount picturesMcgraw-HillLions forge comics, New Paradigm entertainmentCampfire graphic novels, and 133art.com. His writing has been published in the literary magazine Annalemma, in Columbia College newspaper The Chronicle, online at Brokenfrontier.com, online for the Museum of contemporary Photography in Chicago, online for Comicbookresources.com, and an online graphic story for the literary magazine, Hypertextmag.com.  His short stories of suspense have appeared in the Sin anthology by Avendia Press, Criminal Class Review as well as the online magazine, the heated forest.com. Mr. Ball is the recipient of the 2014 and 2015 Glyph rising star award for his writing on 133art’s OneNation and OneNation: Old Druids. 
In 2009 Mr. Ball became the recipient of the first ever Luminarts graphic novel writing award.  He has also received Three Weisman Scholarships from Columbia College Chicago for his other graphic works.
Gitz Crazyboy is a Siksikatsitapi (Blackfoot) and Dene youth facilitator. Gitz works with youth and creates youth-focused programs.  Gitz’s passion and purpose is helping the next generation and he has held many positions within the youth education profession. Ever the activist for the environment and Indigenous rights, Gitz is known for his leadership and participation in the Idle No More movement. A storyteller to his core, he has always had a deep connection to traditional teachings since his mother read to him as a child, and continues to be guided by the ancient wisdom the Elders carry.  Along with writing, Gitz loves to create music and enjoys being introduced to new sounds. Currently Gitz is actively reconnecting with his Blackfoot roots.  He believes the truth of who we are is in the truth and mysteries our ancestors carried – through ceremonies, songs, medicine, love and laughter.
Barbara Perez Curiel
Bárbara Pérez Curiel is a Mexican writer, editor, and translator.
She is interested in literature, culture, politics and, mostly, their intersections.
K.A. Doore is the author of The Perfect Assassin (queer murder fantasy!). 
She has a BA in Classics and likes to shout about queer books of all flavors. 
Find her on Twitter @KA_Doore or at her blog
Danny Gardner* is the author of the 3-time, Award-nominated debut novel A NEGRO AND AN OFAY. He is a widely considered authority on race and class issues related to crime fiction. He is a sought-after speaker on the academic circuit. He is also a trusted business consultant specializing in brand,
content, and product development. His face and words have been in stuff produced by Hollywood, but he doesn’t discuss that
when he’s being all serious and business-like.
Chanel Hardy: “Born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, writing has been a passion of mine since I was young. I started writing my first book, ‘My Colorblind Rainbow’ in 2013. In 2017, I decided to continue writing, taking a leap of faith and following my dreams of publishing my first book which made the ‘In The Margins Award Long List’ for YA fiction 2018. I launched Hardy Publications in September of 2017, working as a freelance ghostwriter,
author, and literary blogger. I also use my platform to raise awareness for different charities and non-profit organizations,
donating a portion of my book royalties to help others in need.”
Margaret Kingsbury writes about fantasy, science fiction, and fairy tales for Book Riot, Star Trek, and other websites, and she’s co-creator of Baby Librarians where she, a friend, and their children write about the children’s books they love. Her fairytale fiction has been published in Nonbinary Review, Devilfish Review, and Expanded Horizons, among other places. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, daughter, and their many, many books. Find out more on her website and follow her on Instagram @babylibrarians or Twitter @areaderlymom
Chris La Tray is a writer, a walker, and a photographer. His freelance writing and/or photography has appeared in various regional and national anthologies and periodicals. His first book, One-Sentence Journal: Short Poems and Essays From the World At Large won the 2018 Montana Book Award.
Chris is Chippewa-Cree Métis, and is an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. He lives near Missoula, MT.
Brian Lindenmuth* has been writing about crime fiction since 2006. He started off as the mystery/crime fiction editor for Mystery Book Spot and was the longtime non-fiction editor of Spinetingler Magazine. Additionally, his work has appeared in Crimespree Magazine, Heliotrope Magazine, BSC Review, Mulholland Books website, and Galley Cat. He was the head of the reading committee for the annual Spinetingler Awards.
The eyebrows are real, and they’re spectacular.
Ray Mwareya is a freelance journalist in Ottawa, author and receiver of the UN Correspondents Association Media Prize. His works is published in Ricochet Media Canada, Friends of Canada Broadcasting, The Financial Times, The Guardian and Coda Story Magazine. He tweets at @rmwareya
Michelle Nati was in the entertainment industry for several years before before becoming a writer and editor for oddities site Oddee.com. She has also written
 for The Farmers’ Almanac, Complex Media, Time Out, Ranker, Women.com, and is also a ghostwriter for non-fiction publisher, Best Seller Publishing.
She lives in Los Angeles with her dog Benny and volunteers with various animal rescue groups in her spare time.
Amra Pajalic is is an Australian-based award winning author of Bosnian background, an editor and teacher. Her memoir Things Nobody Knows But Me is published by Transit Lounge (2019.) Memoir extracts have been published in Meet Me at the Intersection (Fremantle Press, 2018) and Rebellious Daughters (Venture Press, 2016). Her debut novel The Good Daughter (Text Publishing, 2009) won the 2009 Melbourne Prize for Literature’s Civic Choice Award and she is co-editor of the anthology Growing up Muslim in Australia (Allen and Unwin, 2019) that was shortlisted for the 2015 Children’s Book Council of the year awards. She works as a high school teacher and is completing a PhD in Creative Writing at La Trobe University.  www.amrapajalic.com
Renee Asher Pickup* is Bronzeville’s first editorial leader, coming on board shortly after the company was founded. She is a Marine Corps vet and mellowed out punk living in Southern California. Renee writes fiction about bad things happening to flawed people, nonfiction that is critical of the status quo, and truly believes From Dusk Till Dawn changed her life. She serves as a member of Shotgun Honey’s acquisitions Gauntlet, and she’s likely been involved in most of the books you like since 2010
but you’d never know it because she’s modest.
Naboth Rimayi, affectionately known as Naboth RIZLA among Hip Hop circles, is an award-winning freelance writer with 13 years’ experience writing for various publications including Hype Magazine (South Africa Hip Hop Magazine), World Hip Hop Market (USA Based Hip Hop website) and Sunday Mail Newspaper Column (Zimbabwe). He is also a podcaster and TV Presenter/Producer of an award winning TV show called Hip Hop 263 that aired 2 Seasons on national TV in Zimbabwe. Naboth is currently working on his first book a much needed musician’s guide and a first of its kind in Zimbabwe and Africa that will help artists, especially Hip Hop artists from Zimbabwe, to get heard and make their brands sustainable. You can get in touch with him on @iamnabothrizla on Instagram or Naboth RIZLA on Facebook
Sandra Ruttan* was a walking disaster in her formative years. She was hit by a car the first time at age 8, had her right foot partially severed just before she turned 9, almost drowned when she fell down a waterfall at age 10, and was hit by a car on two additional occasions in her teen years. Adulthood has added more scars, with a car accident in the Sahara Desert ranking as Sandra’s most serious incident, closely followed by fracturing her spine in Ireland.
At age 13, Sandra had her first newspaper column, writing for The Gravenhurst News. She studied journalism and special education in college. In 2005 she founded Spinetingler Magazine, a popular crime fiction magazine. She’s had six novels published to date, and her short fiction has appeared in several venues, including Crimespree Magazine, Out of the Gutter, Shotgun Honey and The Dame Was Trouble. Sandra has also edited short story anthologies published by imprints of Down & Out Books. She is the submissions editor for Bronzeville Books, works with the Elevate authors, and oversees the content for Bronzeville Bee. Keep up to date via twitter @sandraruttan Email: sandraruttan at gmail.com
Laila Winters (she/her) is an anxious, cosplaying YA author of science fiction and fantasy. Also an avid reader, she squeezed a small library into her 600sf apartment and continues to add to her collection, much to her fiancée’s dismay. Laila is part of the LGBTQ+ community and identifies as both a lesbian and asexual. When she’s not writing, Laila enjoys cosplaying, crocheting, and watching documentaries. She’s a shield maiden at heart, has a love for snarky pirates, and is distantly related to Blackbeard. She lives somewhere deep in the Midwest with her fiancée and bulldog, Moo.^
Photo Credit: Mike Hopkins Photography
Mel Vee X is a Black queer (out)spoken word artist, burlesque performer and photographer. She’s cofounding member of Uproot YYC, an artist collective by and for Artists of Colour in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her unflinching dedication to telling hard truths is the heart of her craft.

*Bronzeville Books Affiliate

^Biracial author