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How Do You Present Yourself?

This week, thousands of writers are hoping to have an opportunity to present their work to agents and editors following #PitMad. Others are already sending pitches for non-fiction articles or submitting short stories. Each writer should read over their material, check how they spell the agent or editor’s name and double-check the list for what’s...


We’re Closed

We are temporarily closing to new short fiction submissions. Any stories received after 8 a.m. Eastern Monday August 12 will not be considered during this review period. Why? We have been amazed at the response since starting Bronzeville Bee, and have had many impressive story submissions during the past few months. As of penning this...


Submission Guidelines

I’ve been an active part of the fiction publishing community for 15 years now. I have navigated the submissions process as an author seeking a publisher and an agent. My first book came out with a small press that’s since disappeared, and I then signed with an agent and had three books published by Dorchester,...


To Prologue or Not To Prologue

Publishing trends have not favored prologues for some time. Writers who feel that a prologue is essential may opt to write one anyway and name it ‘Chapter 1’ while others still use the controversial ‘P’ word. Consideration #1: Is It Essential? Before including a prologue — no matter how it’s titled — ask whether or...