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Fiction: The Price of a Word by Laura Jane Swanson

Content warning: stillbirth Tamsin was sweeping away the last of the spell when the door opened. She squinted against the sunshine, bright even with someone standing in the doorway. Had the mother brought the child back? His fever had broken as soon as the dust of Tamsin’s spell had fallen on him. Surely that was enough....


Fiction: The Ring Walkers

by Caroline Misner We didn’t cast them in the role of invaders when they first arrived. At the time, the concept of an invasion was foreign to us. They were our guests from the other ring, invited by the Elders, to exchange knowledge and culture and ideas. After all, they looked so much like us:...



Short Fiction by Amra Pajalic Srebrenica, July 1992 I threw open the front door and bolted out of the house when my mother’s guttural scream of terror stopped me dead in my tracks. I turned and went back inside. “What’s wrong?”  Mama clutched the wall, her face white with terror. “Stupid girl!” She shook me...


Words for Home

Short Fiction by Clint Monette There was a stream I used to go to with my little brother. He was always bigger than me, but he was still my kid brother. We would dip our toes in the cool water, but we’d never go in. Little creatures would swim past while we would sing the...



Short Fiction by Lindy Greaves It’s dark. A deep embracing darkness that wraps my limbs into its folds. Outside the hollow tree the wind strops and lashes like a petulant child. Ice tendrils hang like fangs around the entrance and every so often a putter of snow wisps through in a grey chink of light....


Pinafore Magic

Short Fiction by Dorianne Emmerton Just like every other morning, I was heading to my favourite carrel in the library to work on my thesis, a never-ending project that consumed all my time and energy. It focuses on what I call “Pinafore Fiction.” Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, that ilk. I...