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by Hector Acosta By now you’re all probably acquainted with the American Dirt debacle. In case you’re not, let me direct you to Myriam Gurba’s fantastic review of the book, which breaks down how the novel and its author, Jeanine Cummins, failed its readers with its portrayal of Mexico and those who reside within it....


1100 Words

Writers are over-examined and over-discussed. Not exactly an audacious thesis statement for the first number of a biweekly column about writers and writing, and yet, here we all are. Writers are under such close scrutiny thanks to writers—writers write about themselves, about one another, about their feelings, their goals, their ever-declining place in society. There...


A Million Reasons for Rejections

There are a lot of different reasons why editors (or agents) decide to pass on a written work. Often, writers can glean from insights offered in personal rejections that address the specific reasons why the editor decided to pass on their submission. Providing personal rejections is time-consuming, however, and not all writers are receptive to...


To Prologue or Not To Prologue

Publishing trends have not favored prologues for some time. Writers who feel that a prologue is essential may opt to write one anyway and name it ‘Chapter 1’ while others still use the controversial ‘P’ word. Consideration #1: Is It Essential? Before including a prologue — no matter how it’s titled — ask whether or...