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#BrownExcellence: Mark Tilsen’s It Ain’t Over Until We’re Smoking Cigars On The Drill Pad – Musing from a Poetic Warrior

By Gitz Crazyboy Every individual that went answered the call and came out with their own stories, their own experiences, and left with some very life-altering lessons.  To each of us who watched from afar and in awe, we saw people just people rising up as heroes. I’m going to start this off by stating,...


Interview: Rusty Barnes – the editor, the writer, the man

The Editor Sandra Ruttan: You’re the editor of Tough. How long have you been running this crime fiction ‘zine? Rusty Barnes: Tough has been online officially since July 2017, though we ran a couple reviews before we officially launched. Sandra Ruttan: You specifically ask for crime fiction stories, as opposed to mysteries, etc. What is...