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Review: Midnight in the Graveyard

It’s the perfect month for a great collection of chilling tales, and when I saw Kelli Owen, Somer Canon and Hunter Shea were all featured it automatically piqued my interest. I received a review copy, and read the entire collection cover to cover. There are a lot of truly fantastic stories in this anthology. I...


Review: Passages by Kelli Owen

Passages picks up right where Wilted Lilies left off; Lily May is being driven far from home, to Pennsylvania, where she will attend a school for children like her. Other kids who have powers. Lily soon discovers that not all of the residents of McMillan Hall have the same abilities she does, and not all...


The Big Red Button

by Kelli Owen A strange thing happened on my way to convention season this spring. While ordering copies to take on the road, one of my books was banned. Banned. This happened on a rather large retail website whose logo may or may not include a curved arrow reminiscent of a smile. Why? Because an...


Gettysburg Creature Feature Weekend

Until last week, I’d only attended crime fiction conventions. Entering the world of horror was an intriguing prospect, although it was apparent from the start that horror conventions are quite different from events like Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime. One of the strengths of horror conventions is that they are multimedia. This means that there...