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A Minor Twitter Movement #Oct1st

Protecting Indigenous Persons Against Racism and Misinformation on Social Media and In Society By E.M. Lunsford Why October 1st? It’s what I see as the beginning of the Indigenous Appropriation Season.  Columbus Day, where many “celebrate” a man “discovering” land that was already occupied.  We already knew it was there. He was a violent invader,...


Waubgeshig Rice talks about Moon of the Crusted Snow and Crossing Ethnic Lines in Reviews

By Chris La Tray I became aware of the work of Waubgeshig Rice, an Anishinaabe writer and journalist from Wasauksing First Nation in Canada, in January of 2019. His second novel, Moon of the Crusted Snow, was released in October of 2018 and had just popped up as an “advanced listening” audio book for free...


Some Places To Be – PRIDE

While #PitMad dominates Twitter today, those who aren’t participating (or who need to recoup afterwards) may appreciate some of these Pride-related posts and specials to check out online. Pride Looking for some LGBTQ books to read? Two hashtags – #RainbowRoarers and #roaring20sdebut – are being used by authors with LGBTQ books due out in 2020....


Cultural Appropriation: Tomorrow’s Introduction & Today’s Confession

A Headdress Where It Doesn’t Belong, is a direct, unflinching look at the harm caused by cultural appropriation. It confronts with truths some may find hard to hear, but cultural appropriation is a crucial topic of discussion in the art world. Any person considering crossing cultural lines in their writing needs to read that article....