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Witching The Book

by Margaret Kingsbury In fairy tales, witches are often scary, though not always. They sometimes eat children, curse innocent bystanders, poison fair maidens. But sometimes witches are the arbiters of goodness. When two stepsisters approach a witch and one helps her and the other mocks her in “Diamonds and Toads,” for instance, the kind sister...


Fiction: The Law of Conservation of Death

by Hailey Piper On the fifteenth birthday of your third reincarnation, you feel his breath on your skin. New skin, never tainted until now. At once the sky darkens, and balloons, gifts, and cake no longer matter as your lives come rushing back. You’ve turned fifteen before, but that’s the least of it. He’s found...


Review: Passages by Kelli Owen

Passages picks up right where Wilted Lilies left off; Lily May is being driven far from home, to Pennsylvania, where she will attend a school for children like her. Other kids who have powers. Lily soon discovers that not all of the residents of McMillan Hall have the same abilities she does, and not all...


Gettysburg Creature Feature Weekend

Until last week, I’d only attended crime fiction conventions. Entering the world of horror was an intriguing prospect, although it was apparent from the start that horror conventions are quite different from events like Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime. One of the strengths of horror conventions is that they are multimedia. This means that there...