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Fiction: The Witch

by M.C. St. John Image by 이정임 lee from Pixabay  The boys ran through the village, between the cabins and around the woodpiles, kicking up yellow and orange and brown leaves. Chickens scattered. Cows lowed. Two men chopping wood stopped their axes to watch the chase, the blur of woolen coats, peaked hats, and buckled...


Witching The Book

by Margaret Kingsbury In fairy tales, witches are often scary, though not always. They sometimes eat children, curse innocent bystanders, poison fair maidens. But sometimes witches are the arbiters of goodness. When two stepsisters approach a witch and one helps her and the other mocks her in “Diamonds and Toads,” for instance, the kind sister...


A Minor Twitter Movement #Oct1st

Protecting Indigenous Persons Against Racism and Misinformation on Social Media and In Society By E.M. Lunsford Why October 1st? It’s what I see as the beginning of the Indigenous Appropriation Season.  Columbus Day, where many “celebrate” a man “discovering” land that was already occupied.  We already knew it was there. He was a violent invader,...