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#BrownExcellence: Mark Tilsen’s It Ain’t Over Until We’re Smoking Cigars On The Drill Pad – Musing from a Poetic Warrior

By Gitz Crazyboy Every individual that went answered the call and came out with their own stories, their own experiences, and left with some very life-altering lessons.  To each of us who watched from afar and in awe, we saw people just people rising up as heroes. I’m going to start this off by stating,...


#BrownExcellence – Trapline by Snotty Nose Rez Kids

“Trapline” is an audio proclamation of Indigenous revolutionary teachings. It’s about being proud while jamming out and telling the world we’re reclaiming everything we are. Snotty Nosed Rez Kids’ (SNRK) third album opens with a skit “Wa’wais”: an in-depth cultural explanation and teaching about respect and connection to the land. It gives listeners just a...


ENGO Colonial Activism that Perpetuates Indigenous Poverty

A traditional practise of the Inuit is to never waste the food or materials provided by the animals they bring home. There is a serious problem with how some organizations within the nonprofit sector have unethically attained financial stability. This article focuses on Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (ENGO) that have raised or continue to raise money...


Cultural Appropriation: Tomorrow’s Introduction & Today’s Confession

A Headdress Where It Doesn’t Belong, is a direct, unflinching look at the harm caused by cultural appropriation. It confronts with truths some may find hard to hear, but cultural appropriation is a crucial topic of discussion in the art world. Any person considering crossing cultural lines in their writing needs to read that article....