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Fiction: Tower’s End by Maggie Slater

by Maggie Slater The tower’s not without its perks. You built it yourself—brick by brick, floor by floor—without even knowing you were doing it at the time. Each room is a monument to bring you joy. You have a chef’s kitchen, with a glittering stone backsplash and an island big enough to seat six; your...


Fiction: The Koi Empress by Nyla Bright

by Nyla Bright The sight of the two-foot-long golden koi in the grip of a snake was horrifying. Alexandria’s mother had told her some of the fish in her grandmother’s pond were worth as much as a car. “And,” she had said, “there is a goldfish that is priceless. Watch out for that one.”  The...


Witching The Book

by Margaret Kingsbury In fairy tales, witches are often scary, though not always. They sometimes eat children, curse innocent bystanders, poison fair maidens. But sometimes witches are the arbiters of goodness. When two stepsisters approach a witch and one helps her and the other mocks her in “Diamonds and Toads,” for instance, the kind sister...


Fiction: Astride a Gray Horse

by Michelle Muenzler The gray man and his gray horse are waiting for me when I wake. Even knowing he was coming, it never sits well when first I see the pair. He looks as tired as I feel, though looks can be deceptive with the gray man. What appears as a weakness in him...