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A Million Reasons for Rejections

There are a lot of different reasons why editors (or agents) decide to pass on a written work. Often, writers can glean from insights offered in personal rejections that address the specific reasons why the editor decided to pass on their submission. Providing personal rejections is time-consuming, however, and not all writers are receptive to...


Submission Guidelines

I’ve been an active part of the fiction publishing community for 15 years now. I have navigated the submissions process as an author seeking a publisher and an agent. My first book came out with a small press that’s since disappeared, and I then signed with an agent and had three books published by Dorchester,...


Increasing Your Odds of #PitMad Success

Until March 7, 2019, I had only participated in #PitMad as a writer. Before participating as an editor I planned out my #PitMad day in advance, and some of my thinking was based on my experiences as a writer participant. I had no idea what was in store for me. At 8:05 am I went...


To Prologue or Not To Prologue

Publishing trends have not favored prologues for some time. Writers who feel that a prologue is essential may opt to write one anyway and name it ‘Chapter 1’ while others still use the controversial ‘P’ word. Consideration #1: Is It Essential? Before including a prologue — no matter how it’s titled — ask whether or...