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New Indian Wars: Sage

By E.M. Lunsford When Native Americans speak of sage, what we mean, specifically, is Salvia apiana. Sage is in the same family as many other herbs, such as mint, rosemary, oregano—the family Lamiaceae. Salvia (sages) is a very vast genus. The sage you use for cooking, Salvia officinalis, is known to most of us. Salvia...



by E.M. Lunsford Wait, you didn’t know it was Native American Heritage month? You’re not alone! And until recently, you’d never have known it by the White House declarations. Native American Heritage Month was begun in 1990 by President George H. W. Bush. Until then it varied from a day to a week long in...


Cultural Appropriation: Tomorrow’s Introduction & Today’s Confession

A Headdress Where It Doesn’t Belong, is a direct, unflinching look at the harm caused by cultural appropriation. It confronts with truths some may find hard to hear, but cultural appropriation is a crucial topic of discussion in the art world. Any person considering crossing cultural lines in their writing needs to read that article....


Do #OwnVoices, ‘Write Your Truth’ and Concerns About Cultural Appropriation Mean Writers are Limited to Writing What They Know?

Write what you know. Write your truth. Avoid cultural appropriation. With editors and agents seeking #OwnVoices manuscripts, do these common exhortations combine as part of a publishing doctrine that limits everyone to sticking in their own lane and writing based solely on their identity and experience? In order to effectively evaluate these tips they must...


Some Places To Be

Rebecca Salazar interviews Alicia Elliott (A Mind Spread Out On The Ground) for The Adroit Journal, and does a masterful job of reflecting Alicia’s personality and showcasing her amazing debut, which has been #1 on the Canadian nonfiction bestseller charts for two weeks in a row. “I’ve noticed that often the most marginalized and oppressed...