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Friday’s Forgotten Books, Banned Books Week Edition: The Hate U Give

It’s ironic that people would fight for censorship of a book that advocates using your voice to seek justice. Starr Carter is a sixteen-year-old girl who has grown up in a rough neighborhood called Garden Heights. Her dad used to be in a gang and did time, but has cleaned up his life. Through an...


The Mis-education of a Suburban White Boy: How Reading Banned Books Helped Unfuck My Upbringing

by Brian Lindenmuth I grew up in a blue collar (what we would now call a “working class white”) family in Baltimore County in the 80s. It was a fairly racially mixed and religiously diverse area that has continued to diversify over the years, frankly, because of white flight. By the start of the next...


The Big Red Button

by Kelli Owen A strange thing happened on my way to convention season this spring. While ordering copies to take on the road, one of my books was banned. Banned. This happened on a rather large retail website whose logo may or may not include a curved arrow reminiscent of a smile. Why? Because an...


The Most Banned Books From 2018

by Margaret Kingsbury Started in 1982 by the Office for Intellectual Freedom, Banned Books Weeks lists the top ten (in this case, eleven) challenged books in the United States using information compiled from media stories and voluntary challenge reports sent to the OIF. 2018’s list contains many books from previous years, with three new additions....