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Special Announcement

Bronzeville Bee’s parent, Bronzeville Books, is currently accepting short story submissions for Illicit, an erotic crime anthology. Got a story with sex and crime on the page? It may be just what we’re looking for. Check out the submission guidelines here.

Bronzeville Books also accepts unagented manuscript submissions. Details here.

Fiction Submissions

Note: We have no deadline for submissions. We will close periodically to clear backlog of submission. Notifications will be made here about temporary closures.

At this time, the Bronzeville Bee is open to short fiction submissions. 

Typical submission length for stories should be 2,500-3,000 words; however, we do consider stories that are shorter. There is no minimum word count limit for a story.

Preferred genres include crime, sci fi, fantasy, horror and YA …

Please refer to the short stories that we have published to get some sense of our interests and refer to our writing and publishing articles and reflections pieces for insights into our editorial preferences.

Payment is 5 cent per word U.S. for first Worldwide English publication rights for stories up to 3000 words. (Stories over 3000 words may be considered, but they are not prioritized for review.)

**We are not currently considering reprints. Stories must not have been previously published online in any form, via website, blog, etc.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed; however, we ask that you inform us immediately if you place your story elsewhere.

We are no longer allowing multiple submissions. Between June 3 and June 19 we received 150 submissions. A few writers have continued to send 3 or more stories at a time, despite prior guidelines limiting writers to a maximum of 2 submissions. As of June 22 if a writer has a story under submission and submits another story it will not be reviewed. If a writers sends multiple submissions at once they will not be reviewed.

Stories that are rejected cannot be resubmitted.

Please use the formatting guidelines found here. Submissions should be sent with the words ‘Short Fiction Submission – Magazine’ in the subject line. The story should be sent as an attached Word document.

The best submissions include the story title in the subject line with Bee Fiction Submission, have a short introductory line or paragraph with the word count and genre of the story, and include the author’s bio (preferably 100 words or less written in third person).

Absolutely no sex with minors or animals. 

While we will consider stories that deal with sexual abuse, the acts should be alluded to but not detailed. We are not interested in publishing stories that would appeal to pedophiles or abusers.

Email: Sandra Ruttan: with Bee Fiction in the subject line.

NOTE: Writers who are submitting two stories should send each in their own separate email.

Non-Fiction Submissions

Our content emphasis includes book reviews by diverse authors, music reviews focusing on diverse artists, and coverage of movies/television, video games, plays, magazines, graphic novels, etc.

We also publish hot topics, typically related to cultural or artistic issues.

Current Openings

Email address:

We have limited openings for non-fiction writers. Writers may pitch an article. Note in the subject line of your email it’s a nonfiction pitch. Include in your pitch the following:

  • your bio, including your country of residence or diverse group you belong to
  • 100 words or less summarizing the focus of your proposed article
  • a target deadline for completion of the article (do you need 3 days, 3 weeks or 2 months to complete it?)
  • 1-2 links to written content you have produced that’s online, if available

Email Sandra Ruttan:

Please reference Bronzeville Books Pitch in the subject line of your email and allow up to two weeks for a response.

‘Diverse’ Groups

Diverse groups could refer to race (Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous), to sexual orientation, or to regional culture. For example, an Appalachian writer who proposes an article featuring Appalachian authors or music would be given as much consideration as any other pitch. While we prefer to have an #OwnVoices approach to non-fiction, we will consider articles by experienced writers of all ethnicities on a case by case basis. Please allow for up to two weeks to get a response to your pitch.


10 cents U.S. per word for articles with length set at contract.

Payment is made by check (U.S. only) or PayPal.


A pitch needs to be approved and authorized with signed paperwork from both parties to be confirmed for publication.

Content We Publish

Please read some of our feature pieces to get a sense of what we publish: arts, culture & entertainment pieces.


Questions and submissions should be directed to Sandra Ruttan:

Please reference Bronzeville Bee Pitch or Question in the subject line of your email.