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Tribute: In Memory of Sandra Seamans by Sandra Ruttan

Flashback: Harrogate Chat With Simon Kernick, July 2005 by Sandra Ruttan

Flashback: A Journey Into the Mind of Allan Guthrie by Sandra Ruttan

Interview: Rusty Barnes – the editor, the writer, the man by Sandra Ruttan

Flashback: 20 Questions with H. Mel Malton by Sandra Ruttan

Besotted: Melissa Duclos Chats About Her Latest Novel by Sandra Ruttan

Insights: An Interview with Kelli Owen about Wilted Lilies and her most recent book, Passages by Sandra Ruttan

Barbara Winkes on What Fostered Her Love of Reading and Mysteries

Barbara Winkes on the Critical Life Events that Shaped Her and Her Latest Release and Work in Progress

Flashback Interview: Critically-Acclaimed Author of THE 50/50 K ILLER, STEVE Mosby Talks About Publisher Support, The Challenges of Writing Full Time, and What’s Next

On The Grill: Nick Kolakowski on Storytelling, Social Media, and how Hurricane Sandy led to Maxine

Flashback: In Conversation with Anthony Bidulka

On The Grill: Dea Poirier talks about issues with the media, likable & unlikable characters, trauma, and the hardest part of writing her new book, Beneath the Ashes