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Word on the Street

By Mary SanGiovanni With the growing popularity of social media, users have easy access to people all over the world.  In creative communities, this has fostered more intimate connections between readers and writers. Fans can get to know a writer’s thoughts, feelings, passions, likes and dislikes, political and spiritual beliefs, pets, favorite forms of entertainment,...


Musings From Mamatas: Just Universe Theory

by Nick Mamatas Rush Limbaugh has been an annoying bleating horn in the background noise of society for thirty years.  A right-wing gasbag and primitive thinker who engaged in race-baiting, climate change denial, sexist rhetoric, and the like, he was recently left behind politically. Barstool blowhard rhetoric about AIDS and NFL players as gang members...


1100 Words

Writers are over-examined and over-discussed. Not exactly an audacious thesis statement for the first number of a biweekly column about writers and writing, and yet, here we all are. Writers are under such close scrutiny thanks to writers—writers write about themselves, about one another, about their feelings, their goals, their ever-declining place in society. There...