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Love and Other Criminal Behavior

The team at Bronzeville is thrilled to share the stunning cover of our first title, Love and Other Criminal Behavior, due out January 2020. In Love and Other Criminal Behavior, crime fiction powerhouse Nikki Dolson drops thirteen stories exploring the many different ways to love—and just as many ways to end up dead. The collection...


Gettysburg Creature Feature Weekend

Until last week, I’d only attended crime fiction conventions. Entering the world of horror was an intriguing prospect, although it was apparent from the start that horror conventions are quite different from events like Bouchercon and Left Coast Crime. One of the strengths of horror conventions is that they are multimedia. This means that there...


Friday’s Forgotten Books: EVERY FEAR BY RICK MOFINA

When Lee and Maria Colson’s son Dylan is abducted their lives are changed forever. Maria tries to save Dylan, and is hit by the abductors’ vehicle and left to die. Every Fear maintains the intensity with every page. Through journalist Jason Wade, a detective, the FBI, the abductors, and Lee Colson, Mofina shows every facet...


What Do You Publish? Embracing Diversity

Decades ago, Robin Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society told his students to stand on their desks and look at the world around them from a different perspective. To do that here means starting with Alicia Elliott’s words from “Not Your Noble Savage”, one of the many excellent essays collected in her exceptional book, A...