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Sometimes, The Old Heads Knew What Was Up

Why Didn’t We Listen? by Brian Lindenmuth Let’s take a look at some of the spoken word performances, that were accompanied by music, that make up some of the significant DNA strands of rap. The Watts Prophets, Gil Scott-Heron, and The Last Poets are considered some of the godfathers of rap. They were poets interested...


Feature Interview: Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill

With Reissues of Two of Her Most Iconic Works, Berryhill Comes Full Circle By Michelle Nati  Singer-songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill is about to embark on a new chapter in her life. Two of her most well-known and critically acclaimed albums, Garage Orchestra and Straight Outta Marysville, are being reissued on Omnivore Recordings in August 2019....


#BrownExcellence – Trapline by Snotty Nose Rez Kids

“Trapline” is an audio proclamation of Indigenous revolutionary teachings. It’s about being proud while jamming out and telling the world we’re reclaiming everything we are. Snotty Nosed Rez Kids’ (SNRK) third album opens with a skit “Wa’wais”: an in-depth cultural explanation and teaching about respect and connection to the land. It gives listeners just a...