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Fiction: Astride a Gray Horse

by Michelle Muenzler The gray man and his gray horse are waiting for me when I wake. Even knowing he was coming, it never sits well when first I see the pair. He looks as tired as I feel, though looks can be deceptive with the gray man. What appears as a weakness in him...


Reflections: John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids Remains As Timely As Ever In Today’s World

In the future world of The Chrysalids (original U.S. title Re-Birth) all cities are believed to have been left in ruin from Tribulation, which God sent to punish the Old People for their sins. In Labrador, people are raised to follow strict rules. Everything must be in God’s image.  Very little remains from the Old...


Feast For Small Pieces

Short Fiction by Hailey Piper Never underestimate the seductive power of a woman who’s minding her own business. “There’s just something about her,” they say. I see myself splashed across a pulp magazine cover, a distraught man in the background. The tagline reads: “He met a woman he Could. Not. Resist.” As if that’s my...