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Fiction: Tower’s End by Maggie Slater

by Maggie Slater The tower’s not without its perks. You built it yourself—brick by brick, floor by floor—without even knowing you were doing it at the time. Each room is a monument to bring you joy. You have a chef’s kitchen, with a glittering stone backsplash and an island big enough to seat six; your...


Fiction: Elma Honey by Christa Hogan

by Christa Hogan MeMaw visits at nights mostly, when Daddy’s asleep and our little house in town is quiet. Tonight when she comes, I’m waiting for her, damp with sweat from the heat, my head full of Beulah Mae’s warnings about hell. I can tell the moment MeMaw arrives. Even her ghost smells like smoke...


Friday’s Forgotten Books: Tribal Screams by Owl Goingback

There are a number of short stories gathered in this horror collection, and they cover a wide range of subject matter. Like the best horror stories, they offer a mix of catalysts, problems and outcomes, and they are all distinct and captivating. Whether you’re reading about a young man who is doing something foolish in...