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From Reporter to Author and the High-Stakes Appeal of Crime Fiction: An Interview with Michael Connelly

by Alverne Ball New York Times best-selling author Michael Connelly has been called the “Dostoyevsky of crime literature,” by Publisher’s weekly. Michael Connelly is known for his endearing, but strong series Detective Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch. His works include 22 Harry Bosch novels and 13 non-series novels along with an assortment of short stories and other media...


Original Concepts

Last week launched a short series of articles looking at the most important ingredients in a story. The series began with an exploration of compelling characters. This week, it continues with a look at another key component; original concepts. Hardcover books typically cost $26.99 U.S., while trade paperback editions are as much as $16.99. When...



Short Fiction by Lindy Greaves It’s dark. A deep embracing darkness that wraps my limbs into its folds. Outside the hollow tree the wind strops and lashes like a petulant child. Ice tendrils hang like fangs around the entrance and every so often a putter of snow wisps through in a grey chink of light....


Feast For Small Pieces

Short Fiction by Hailey Piper Never underestimate the seductive power of a woman who’s minding her own business. “There’s just something about her,” they say. I see myself splashed across a pulp magazine cover, a distraught man in the background. The tagline reads: “He met a woman he Could. Not. Resist.” As if that’s my...