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On The Grill: Dea Poirier talks about issues with the media, likable & unlikable characters, trauma, and the hardest part of writing her new book, Beneath the Ashes

Dea Poirier’s new book, Beneath the Ashes, is on sale today. You can read my review here. Sandra Ruttan: Your debut novel, Next Girl to Die, came out in May of this year. You’re about to have book 2 be released in a few weeks. Can you tell us about the best author moment you had when...


On The Grill: Nick Kolakowski on Storytelling, Social Media, and how Hurricane Sandy led to Maxine

Sandra Ruttan: Total geek writer question. You chose to segment this story and allude to missing gaps in Maxine’s history. Did you write those bits or outline what happened during those gaps?  Nick Kolakowski: I did not write those bits! But I know what happens during them. I’ve been trying mightily over the past few...


Barbara Winkes on the Critical Life Events that Shaped Her and Her Latest Release and Work in Progress

Sandra Ruttan: What’s your new book/work in progress about?  Barbara Winkes: I have just introduced the all new covers for my Carpenter/Harding series. The next release will be #9, Implications, in which the protagonists Jordan Carpenter and Ellie Harding have to solve a murder that happened a long time ago. At the moment I’m writing...


Friday’s Forgotten Books, Banned Books Week Edition: The Hate U Give

It’s ironic that people would fight for censorship of a book that advocates using your voice to seek justice. Starr Carter is a sixteen-year-old girl who has grown up in a rough neighborhood called Garden Heights. Her dad used to be in a gang and did time, but has cleaned up his life. Through an...


Fiction: Stepping Stones

Short Fiction by Neil Plakcy Content Warning: This story addresses sexual abuse and may be difficult for some individuals to read. It took me a long time to figure out, but I finally understand why my stepfather married my mother. It was for me. When Richie came into our lives, I was twelve, and my...



Steven Torres uses his skills as a storyteller to use the threads of an investigation to build tension in Missing in Precinct Puerto Rico. From the start, puzzle pieces are introduced that are used to filter all the additional details that arise during the course of the investigation. Torres does an excellent job of developing...