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A Minor Twitter Movement #Oct1st

Protecting Indigenous Persons Against Racism and Misinformation on Social Media and In Society By E.M. Lunsford Why October 1st? It’s what I see as the beginning of the Indigenous Appropriation Season.  Columbus Day, where many “celebrate” a man “discovering” land that was already occupied.  We already knew it was there. He was a violent invader,...


The Mis-education of a Suburban White Boy: How Reading Banned Books Helped Unfuck My Upbringing

by Brian Lindenmuth I grew up in a blue collar (what we would now call a “working class white”) family in Baltimore County in the 80s. It was a fairly racially mixed and religiously diverse area that has continued to diversify over the years, frankly, because of white flight. By the start of the next...


Medusa and the Patriarchal Tradition of Turning Women Against Each Other

by Ivonne Spinoza When you hear the word Medusa your brain is likely to immediately conjure images of a fearsome and hideous monster no one should look at. This is quite interesting since the representation of the Medusa in art, in decorative objects, and even in stories varies immensely, and this permanence of the monstrous...