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Sometimes, The Old Heads Knew What Was Up

Why Didn’t We Listen? by Brian Lindenmuth Let’s take a look at some of the spoken word performances, that were accompanied by music, that make up some of the significant DNA strands of rap. The Watts Prophets, Gil Scott-Heron, and The Last Poets are considered some of the godfathers of rap. They were poets interested...


Could Hip Hop be the Ultimate Fusion Influencing the Influencer?

by Naboth Rimayi After nearly a decade of its existence from its birth in New York, Hip Hop is believed to have reached the African continent and become popular in the early 80’s.  With its widespread global reach Hip Hop is alleged to have entered the continent through a French-speaking country in West Africa known...


The Poetry of Us: Hughes, Dunbar, DuBois and Peele

by Brian Lindenmuth “This movie is about duality and this idea that for however we define the word ‘us,’ for there to be an ‘us’ there has to be a ‘them,’” said Peele. “It can be your class, your country, your family. The way we think about ‘them’ informs the way we think about ‘us.’”...