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When You’ve Got a Woman Problem

On October 30, Rolling Stone ran an interview with David Simon to mark the end of The Deuce. To say things got a little heated would be an understatement. You can read it for yourself and reach your own conclusions. It prompted me to pause and reflect on my own impressions from some of Simon’s...


The Irrational Woman in the Age of Reason

by Bárbara Pérez Curiel As mirrors of reality, cultural products contribute to normalizing, more directly or indirectly, practices and ideas of the context in which they are created. Sometimes, however, they are also spaces of resistance where certain of these conventions are not normalized but rather exposed as what they are: constructions that can be...


Reflections: John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids Remains As Timely As Ever In Today’s World

In the future world of The Chrysalids (original U.S. title Re-Birth) all cities are believed to have been left in ruin from Tribulation, which God sent to punish the Old People for their sins. In Labrador, people are raised to follow strict rules. Everything must be in God’s image.  Very little remains from the Old...