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Any builder knows the foundation of their structure is the most essential part, and where quality assurance must be highest. Foundation repairs are among the most costly expenses. Often, foundation issues are never fully corrected, leaving a business forever at risk.

What excited me about joining the team at Bronzeville as an editor was our commitment to building a solid foundation underneath a brand rooted in history. Right from the start, Bronzeville infused diversity into the foundation of the company structure, so that change occurs in structurally-significant ways that will, over the years, provide publishing new best practices built around measurable value based upon our diverse frontlist and leadership group.

This does not mean we are a diversity publisher, but an equal opportunity publisher in the truest sense. Everyone is welcome in Bronzeville, only you just have to fit in with the gays, and the straights. White. Black. Trans. Native. Muslim. Allies. Bold voices, quiet voices, voices waiting to scream are who we publish, and who we publish for.

The Bronzeville Bee is an extension of this vision. Contributors will reflect on the art that has shaped them personally and professionally. Editors will offer insights on writing and publishing. The Bronzeville Bee will also publish short fiction stories.

With a regular menu of fiction and non-fiction to choose from, the Bronzeville Bee will also feature diverse writers highlighting diverse artists who are often overlooked by mainstream media.

At the Bee, these artists will have a place to shine.

Bronzeville’s commitment to diversity extends from every reader who buys our books to each leader within our publishing house. Diversity shapes the mission and vision of the entire company.

Our short fiction process is equal opportunity in the truest sense. We look at the words on the page. For non-fiction we have a group of recurring contributors and also publish guest posts. While we prefer an #OwnVoices approach to non-fiction, we work with writers of all races, religions, orientations, genders.

Sandra Ruttan

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