Friday’s Forgotten Books: The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White

The Resurrectionist  is a horror story by Wrath James White. It is primarily split between two narratives. One follows Dale McCarthy, who has an unusual power and a disturbed mind. He can bring the dead back to life, and his ability intertwines with his perverse desire to kill over and over again so that he can resurrect the dead. The bonus is that they usually have no recollection of what’s happened, which means he can continue tormenting people and repeatedly murdering them without consequences.

Sarah Lincoln isn’t like other victims, though. She starts to remember, and pieces things together. Once she figures out what’s going on she’s determined to stop Dale once and for all.

This is an intense, dark story. Not only does it deal with some horrific crimes, but it also uses the fear and uncertainty that creeps into Sarah Lincoln’s life as a catalyst for marital problems and self examination. It does an effective job of showing how crime can wreak havoc in all aspects of a person’s life. 

White’s story is gripping. It weaves its own spell and keeps you turning the pages, hoping for the best and fearing the worst. White doesn’t pull punches while dealing with some all-too-real and fantastical horrors.

Readers should be advised about some of the content. Rape is one of Dale’s crimes, and not everyone will be comfortable with that part of the story. However, the toughest part of the book is early on. Once Sarah becomes a cornerstone of the story there’s a sense of empowerment as she refuses to continue being a victim.