Friday’s Forgotten Books: Take the Long Way Home by Brian Keene

Friday’s Forgotten Books: Take the Long Way Home by Brian Keene

Four work colleagues who carpool together from Baltimore to Shrewsbury are in an accident. One is killed instantly.

Another has disappeared.

Turns out, their friend isn’t the only one missing.

Traffic accidents and driverless vehicles have plugged the Interstate. Nobody is moving.

And all cell lines are down.

Have there been mass alien abductions? Is it the rapture? Some sort of bizarre biological warfare? 

In a way, it doesn’t really matter what has set off the incidents that are now reshaping millions of lives. For Steve and Charlie, the goal is getting home. One of the most powerful catalysts for fear is the unknown. When strange, unexplainable things happen and people don’t have answers and don’t feel in control, they often try to take control in the ways they can.

And they don’t always do this legally.

As Steve and Charlie walk past miles of accidents and shocking incidents they will have to decide whether the rules of society still apply, or how far they’re willing to go to make it home alive, all while navigating clusters of people who’ve already decided which laws to abandon.

Take the Long Way Home is a compelling exploration of human nature in the face of the unknown. It’s also a good reminder to not take the people you love for granted. It delves into how fragile our society is, and how easily civilization could unravel. It’s thoroughly engrossing, and has prompted me to create an In Case of Rapture or Mass Alien Abduction survival kit for the car. It’s the kind of horror that lingers because the things Steve and Charlie learn to fear the most is other people.