Friday’s Forgotten Books: Stain of the Berry by Anthony Bidulka

Tanya Culinare dies after a series of strange events, leaving one to wonder if the boogeyman is real, and might come for you next.

Culinare’s family want answers and turn to Russell Quant to find them.

It turns out the strange experiences Culinare was having before her death are being experienced by some of her friends and family, and Russell tries to put the pieces together before more people die. Add in that his neighbor is missing and he’s getting a bit older. Bidulka delivers a layered storyline that takes Russell from being just another investigator doggedly seeking answers to a real person, with real concerns, worries and cares. Russell has a life and he doesn’t sacrifice it to his work, which is refreshing.

In spite of the crimes, Bidulka infuses his work with wit and optimism. Russell is a good guy, and that resonates. He’s likeable and personable, and easily the type of character you want to spend more time with.