Friday’s Forgotten Books: The 50-50 Killer by Steve Mosby

The 50/50 Killer poses an interesting question from the start. Who is willing to die for the person they say they love?

A cold, methodical killer stalks his victims, learning their secrets, discovering their hidden truths. Then he strikes. He takes the couple and forces one of them to decide who lives and who dies.

John Mercer heads up the team tasked with hunting the killer. A man claims he escaped from this killer, and that his girlfriend is still held captive.

Mercer is plagued by memories from a traumatic case he worked that caused him to have a breakdown. He’s under enormous pressure to solve this case and find the missing woman alive. At the same time, he is confronted by doubt within his team.

This is the kind of story you can’t put down, yet dread turning the page to find out what will happen next. It never lets up, and the tension escalates continually to the dramatic resolution. Mosby shows he’s a master thriller writer, and this is one that should not be missed if you haven’t read it already.