Friday’s Forgotten Books: Sob Story by Carol Anne Davis

Amy Bartlett is ill equipped to deal with life at college. She’s awkward, and is developing an eating disorder. As a result, she avoids people and has a hard time making friends.

Jeff is about to be released from prison. He’s been serving time for the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, but has kept his nose clean in prison while committing crimes he gets away with and plotting new ones in his twisted mind.

Jeff has Amy’s address.

The author takes her time setting the stage and developing the characters. At times, you may think you know how things will unfold, but there are plenty of twists and turns along the way to make this book anything but predictable. Fans of psychological thrillers will appreciate this work.

There’s also a commentary about the criminal justice system and its shortcomings. The reality that little is done to properly rehabilitate offenders is highlighted, and that speaks to current societal issues.