We’re Closed

We are temporarily closing to new short fiction submissions.

Any stories received after 8 a.m. Eastern Monday August 12 will not be considered during this review period.


We have been amazed at the response since starting Bronzeville Bee, and have had many impressive story submissions during the past few months. As of penning this post, there are more stories on our shortlist than we can publish this year, and we aren’t done reviewing all the subs we’ve received.

Somehow, we have to narrow all of these stories down and pick the ones we’re going to publish.

When Will We Reopen?

We won’t be closed for long; it will be anywhere from two to six weeks. The priority will be reviewing the existing submissions we have and making final decisions on stories that we felt stood out.

What Will Be Different When We Reopen?

1. We will be using a new email address: thebronzevillebee@gmail.com will be the place to send your submissions and correspondence about your submissions.

This will allow us to prioritize the use of the submissions.desk email for our anthologies and manuscript submissions.

Bee short story submissions sent to the submissions.desk email will not be read or responded to if they are received after Monday August 12 at 8 a.m. Eastern.

2. We will be capping submissions. Once we receive 150 submissions we will close until our next submission window. This means that when we reopen we may only be open for a few hours, or a few days. It will specifically depend on the volume of submissions.

How Can People Know When We Reopen?

By subscribing to our newsletter you will receive at least 24 hours of advance notice when we open. That means that you will have a head start to get your submission in before an announcement is made on social media.

How Long Will You Use This Submission Method? Will You Ever Go Back To Open Subs or Announce Pre-set Reading Periods?

In the coming months we will evaluate this approach to submissions and determine what method is best for staff. We expect this process to be in place for September and October at least. 

Please Remember …

We have detailed submission guidelines posted on our website. Please follow them.

We regularly post writing and publishing articles at Bronzeville Bee. These articles are designed to offer insight into what we publish and what we look for in a story. Our editors also share reflections articles on stories that have had a powerful impact on them. We can’t make you read them, but with some submissions we know pretty quickly if you haven’t taken the time to do your market research. 

Our newsletter will be the first place to hear about contests and other exciting news. Plus, it contains bad jokes. Signing up is a good way to stay in touch.

Don’t Forget …

Sign up for our newsletter to get a head start on our next submissions window, which we expect in late August or early September. 

Pro Tip

Identify the genre of your story in your email.


Due to the current volume of submissions we’ll be sending pretty generic rejections once we’ve made decisions. The best way to gauge what we’re looking for is to read the stories we’ve published and read our articles on writing and publishing. Our editors also share reflections articles to help you understand what types of stories appeal to them.


We will not process multiple submissions or submissions sent to the wrong email address. If we receive a failure to deliver notice to our auto-reply your story will not be processed as a submission.