Friday’s Forgotten Books: American Skin by Ken Bruen

When Stephen Blake’s friend Tommy tries to get him involved in a scheme with an IRA associate of his, Stephen doesn’t like the look of the guy and makes plans to move to America with his girlfriend Siobhan.

Those plans involve a lot of money.

And things don’t work out the way Stephen hopes.

American Skin is a book that pulls you in and absorbs you in a relentless plot that is filled with twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Books by Bruen never have happy endings, but you’re still caught up in the emotion and wonder just how badly things will go for the characters.

American Skin is violent, absorbing, and expertly written. Criminal actions aren’t rationalized away and the punch isn’t softened for the faint of heart. Bruen’s books are always intense. Some writers aspire to be dark; Bruen is the real deal.