40 Below Love Poem

40 Below Love Poem

by Mel Vee X


Cocoa butter, shea butter

Soothes cracked brown hands like no other

Honey flavoured lip balm keeps kisses soft & sweet

Melanin rich against the hoarfrost


Can you feel tha heat?


Afros & twists

Reaching out like spires to the frozen prairie sun

A prayer to the ancestors

Cursing ourselves for coming to this frigid, Godforsaken cold ass wretched place


Bags bags and more bags

Always carrying something

Not a set of wheels between us but that doesn’t stop us

Can’t forget nothing

Need to make sure your girl has everything


A kiss before we venture into our frosted palace




Photo Credit: Mike Hopkins Photography
Mel Vee X is a Black queer (out)spoken word artist, burlesque performer and photographer. She’s cofounding member of Uproot YYC, an artist collective by and for Artists of Colour in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her unflinching dedication to telling hard truths is the heart of her craft.